Up and down in Tenerife

Up and down in Tenerife

Life in my car January 2019

Up and dow in Tenerife
Up and down in Tenerife
Hello everyone and welcome to the second video on my channel.
In this video you can see how I experienced the first few weeks in the car in Tenerife.
Some of my first videos are in poetry form because I like poetry.
Have you ever been to Tenerife?
How did you spend your vacation there?  In your car?  At the hotel?
Did you learn Spanish on vacation?
Write your answer in the comments.
By the way: You can go on a language trip with me in nature!
Take a look at my homepage after the video, link in the description!
And now have fun with the video!
Life is a single up and down. Just like the waves of the sea.  Sometimes it’s easy and then everything is difficult.  It’s the same in vanlife on Tenerife.  Some days you are so happy to be free.  And on others , you think that everything would be much easier with a house.
The ocean 
 The ups and downs of the waves are very calming for me.  Just like the ups and downs in life are calming for me.  It’s comforting to know that not every day is the same.  If every day were the same, I would be bored to death.  I need challenges, and I need everything to change and everything to be new, so that I can get a breath of fresh air and new energy into my life.
 I also like the ups and downs of studying.  I like to learn so much, and sometimes I even love to learn.  Sometimes I try hard, but I just don’t have enough energy.  Hardly anything just sticks.  And sometimes I don’t make any effort, and it works by itself.  Sometimes I remember things that I read years ago.  And sometimes it’s like I can read something ten times and speak it ten times to myself and it just doesn’t go into my head.  What I like best when learning is the ups and downs of enthusiasm for the language or for the subject.  Noticing how interesting I find something.  This joy when I’ve learned something new.  Or when I remember something that seems somehow difficult, somehow special, somehow great, somehow new.
The relationship
 I also find the ups and downs in the relationship to be perfectly fine.  If it were always nice, you wouldn’t learn to appreciate how much you love the other and how good they are for you.  If you struggle every now and then, or at least discuss something because you don’t agree, you only see afterwards how much you love the other, and this leads to a compromise, or to accept the opinion of the other or the  other accepts your opinion.  And everything is fine again.  No matter what you choose.  Just always an up and down. That also makes the relationship living.
The job
 Ups and downs in my job are not a problem for me.  Not every job is 100 percent nice.  I came to terms with that a long time ago.  It might also be too boring if it were always beautiful.  If there are difficulties, you can grow from them.  If there are problems, ways can be found to solve them.  When it’s boring, you learn to deal with it.  And if you really don’t like it at all, you can calmly think about what you want instead.
The friendship and family
 Of course, friendship and family are always up and down.  And ups and downs in relationships, no matter how close you are, are normal.  With some friends I meet very often, with others less often.  Some I have a very close relationship with and we share everything, others less so.  Sometimes I get along better with one, sometimes with the other, and that’s perfectly fine.
Which ups and downs do you like?
 Which ups and downs in your life do you like most?  Or do you not like ups and downs at all?  Write me a comment.  I would also be happy if you subscribed to me on YouTube.  Then you won’t miss the next video.  Thanks and bye!
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2 thoughts on “Up and down in Tenerife

  1. I love your blog, you tell us your experiences, good or bad, they are your experiences. I hope you enjoy your travels and keep the same energy to move forward. You chose a different lifestyle and that makes you a winner. Much success to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind message. I always want to write more about my life, but making the videos in six languages takes a lot of time, so sometimes I donโ€™t have enough time left to write about it. But I will do my very best.


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