Hiking and living in my car in France parallel to the Way of St. James 6

Hiking and living in my car in France parallel to the Way of St. James - Part 6

Hiking and living in my car in France parallel to the Way of St. James 6 – nice skinny dipping

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Or there. You could go in there too. I think I went a bit in the wrong direction. Because there was no sign somehow. And Google Maps doesn’t work here, service here is only Edge.
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Funny, I didn’t see all those signs? Yes, I saw them. And I saw: left to the parking lot. Right to the waterfall . But I went straight down from the parking lot to the waterfall. Confusing. But then I’ll go back to the waterfall and up from there. Because that’s how I know my way around.
Strangely, I completely missed the stairs. That’s where I came from.
Sometimes you experience quite an adventure with Google Maps.There was a café in this village on Google Maps. Then I arrived. And then I think to myself: What is this? Google Maps sent me somewhere where there is nothing. There was only a barn. Then I drive back up the street a bit and ask the lady who was just working in the garden where the café is. Then she says: “In the next village.” And I’m like: “And what about this one?” And she: “There’s no café here. Would you like a coffee?” And I: “Non, non, merci.” I explained to her that I would also like a selection of cakes and pastries. And I want to look around the village a bit. She explained to me how to get to the next village. And I took a photo. And put it into Google Maps that the cafe doesn’t exist. And now I’m going to this village. Adventure.

The lady in the café was as cordial as a straw broom. She was on the phone and totally insulted someone. I have no idea what it was about, she was like, 
“Why is it taking three weeks?” and: “With Corona, everybody went crazy!”
She got really upset/ irritated, even in my presence. And I stood there and thought: “Do I really want a coffee?” Well, I have to go to the toilet at some point. 
I got used to this priority list (= order) (because many cafés here do not offer all types of coffee):
Now I always ask for a latte macchiato first, then a cappuccino and finally a café au lait. And then:”And something with chocolate?” – “No.” – “But what is that, isn’t that a chocolate bun?” – “Yes.” – “Okay, I’ll take one.”Well, sometimes that’s how it is. It’s okay.

I’m always happy to have this car. 
And the Enyaq has a lot of those features that the Kodiaq has.
This anti-roll device is worth its weight in gold. With such mountainous and narrow roads as here and in Italy. 
If someone comes towards you, one of the two usually has to reverse a bit.
To drive to a place where two can pass each other.
It’s much easier for me in my Kodiaq.
Because I can pull away (on) a hill without having to let the clutch slip.
(I don’t even have a clutch with an automatic, but…)
I’m not rolling away.
It doesn’t matter whether I’m (am) driving uphill or downhill somewhere.
Then I’m very relaxed.
I mean, the reason why that doesn’t work for a lot of people who then let the engine die is that you’re kind of tense and you want to do it as perfectly as possible, and of course that’s when people are most likely to let the engine die .

Some are also not good at estimating how hard they have to turn (= steer) when maneuvering. Above all, people who keep driving the same route have no self-confidence. Some really can’t because they’re too scared. Some also cannot talk while driving. I can listen to podcasts or sing, second and third voice at the same time, of course.
Of course I get lost sometimes. 
But not because I’m not focused.
Mostly because of a mixture of several factors. Roundabouts for example. Google Maps says third exit, I count and look at the monitor, yes, ok.Oh, a buzzard.And then it’s the wrong one after all. Then I have to turn around and go back to the roundabout. Or I’ll go somewhere else entirely. Or: Google Maps says: Sharp right in 100 meters. And I’m preparing for the worst. And then: What? Should I turn here? In THIS car? NO WAY! And such crossings are also stupid, where you can see so badly.
GoPro: See first link in description.
By the way, you can film with the GoPro while driving. Just don’t keep your fingers on your cell phone. Talking to the GoPro is like talking to a passenger.With an automatic car, you don’t need a second hand anyway.If a deer were to run across the street now, I would just drop the camera. This is an action camera. I don’t want anything else. I want to take the GoPro into the water. And if it falls, it shouldn’t be broken. I love the GoPro. I want to become an influencer (= ambassador) for action cameras.
Yesterday I listened to the audio book “Goals” by Brian Tracy.I have such a hard time remembering names.Unless you write the name, it builds a special relationship with the person.Some names are too easy. It is best to remember the name if you have already written to the person.
For example Peeter Cavendish. He writes a mixture of romance, eroticism and thrillers. And poems. So I bought one of his (books ). A book of poetry. I love books of poetry.I still regret that about 15 years ago I “swapped” my book of Bert Brecht’s poems at „Tauschticket“. (you can swap books there)There was a very sexy poem in there that really turned me on, I blushed a lot at the time, even though no one could see me doing it. The book captivated me. Like George Orwell’s 1984. I couldn’t think of anything else for three days. That was difficult when the children were still small. I sometimes wish I went back to the time when I was lost in the books.
For example, I have read books by Diana Gabaldon, about 500 pages per book. Historical romance novels. In English. I was reading another book parallelly at the time. This can only be understood by those who are passionate about reading. In the middle of the book you suddenly have the feeling that I’m in this world, you belong there, and then you don’t want to leave. When that happens, you’re trying to delay the end of the book, because at the end of the book it’s over. Of course, book series are great, then you could get the next volume. If you buy the books new, the next volume may not be published yet. That’s why I prefer to buy books that have been around for a long time.
But I don’t buy any books anymore. For the Kindle only. For language learning. I’ve been reading Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace in Spanish for a year now. Actually, that’s nonsense, I should actually read it in the original. But I didn’t want to read it in German because I already know it. 
Russian is still too difficult. That’s why I read it in Spanish first.
And I’m someone who likes to kill two birds with one stone.Another roundabout. Am I right here? You can see whether you are really driving correctly when the light comes on. Doesn’t rhyme. No, whether you’re standing really on the right track, that’s how it’s said.
(A German children’s TV show)
That reminds me, I still have to recompose the song “You have to go over 7 bridges”. That was an association with my adventure today with the stinging nettles by the river, you saw.
Sometimes I think I have ADD. (= Attention Deficit Disorder)The English speaking youtubers always say this when they lose the thread: I’m sorry, I have ADD, I’m so unfocused and can’t concentrate.And I always say to myself, I don’t have that, and then I film, and then I also jump from topic to topic.

I’m bubbling and bubbling and bubbling, now it’s over, I’ll be right at the supermarket. Did I even plug in my cable? Yes. I have to use every kilometer.
Stay tuned and watch the continuation of the series!

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