Why I love to bathe in creeks

Bathing in creeks is something I love

I usually start every day with my same routine: I get up, crawl to my front seat, put on my shoes, grab my iPhone and keys, leave the car, lock the car and start running. After the run I grab new clothes and towels and walk to the nearby river or lake and bathe. Sometimes, there is a creek nearby, and I prefer those over the lakes or rivers. Thereโ€™s three reasons why.

Why I prefer creeks to rivers and lakes

First reason why I prefer creeks is that the water usually is clearer. I especially like those with a lot of stones on the ground. There are also rivers or lakes with a lot of stones and without plants on the ground. Those are great, too. The water is much clearer and cleaner in such water. I love to bathe there because thereโ€™s no residues on my skin after bathing there. Also, often it looks more beautiful. It looks so beautiful because of the reflection of the light in the clean water. Last but not least often there are possibilities to walk along the creek away from the pathway where walkers and hikers pass and walk around a bend maybe where you canโ€™t be seen from the trail. Furthermore, sometimes, especially in the Alps, I often find waterfalls, too, and they are so amazing, I just love to see them. Also, in summer, they are so relaxing in the heat because they cool down the air around the creek. And then I also love those small natural pools here and there.

Have you already been bathing in a creek, natural pool or waterfall?

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