Hiking the Way of St. James and living in my car part 5

Hiking the Way of St. James and living in my car part 5

Hiking the Way of St. James and living in my car in France in May 2022 part 5

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Always interesting when Google Maps sends me such routes. As if that were a road! There was no sign saying you weren’t allowed to drive here. But if someone comes towards me, I have a problem: a ditch on the right, bushes on the left. One can only hope for the best.
From now on all videos in 6 languages. link below.
The parking lot is up there. There it goes down the path. And down there is the waterfall. Pretty big waterfall.
I can’t zoom in any closer with the GoPro. That’s just a camera for the width, not for the distance. I’m trying on my cell phone.
Yes, it works very well with the iPhone. Wow, that’s probably 20 to 30 meters high. Now I just have to find my way down.
That way.
I’m a little closer.
Information and links in the hiking guide “Wirte am Wasser” (= restaurants on the water).
How long does it usually take photographers to photograph a waterfall? If I hang around here a bit and come back later, maybe he’ll still be there? I realize that you can take a lot of photos from this waterfall, mainly because of the rainbow in it.This is just the way to the village.The meadow next to the stream is fenced.Oops, I should focus on walking.
There’s a bridge. It’s a cattle fence. So this is not private. I can go in there. Only the cows are not allowed to run away.nettles! I need a machete!There are fewer nettles.But that’s two meters deep.What if I climb down there?But there are more nettles and prickly plants.Man, I want to swim!Okay, I’ll try a little further forward.Otherwise back to the waterfall.
It would be nice there too, but the path here is very, very, very impossible. Steep downhill and spikes.!
A promising way down!
Let me go!(spiky branches)Luckily there was deforestation here, so you can get through.Are there spikes again?Oh no, nettles!I don’t think I can go down there.What’s the ground like?Unfortunately, you can’t hold on to the stinging nettles.A stone, good.Another one.Now I’m stuck.It’s going ok!I think it works!Okay, a shaky rock.Something is hanging there.So I’m down, yes!I’m on the water!And it’s a pool! How cool!And I’m maltreated.Where do I put the camera?First there.Then I take it into the water.Oh, that’s nice!
I still want to go up there.
The t-shirt sticks.And yes, it’s new.I didn’t have enough clothes to match.
I’ve lost my way.I haven’t been here before.And is a beautiful entrance into the water!Great!And nobody there!I could have had a great swim here.Alright.If there’s another photographer at the waterfall tomorrow, I’ll still have this.

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