Hiking the Way of St. James and living in my car in France in May 2022 part 3

Way of St. James 3

Hiking the Way of St. James and living in my car in France in May 2022 part 3


Back there, where the truck is, is one of two parking spaces, there’s still a long way to go.  (It’s still a long way from there.)
It’s nice and cool here!  Because it’s shady here all day long.
Now I have to rest for a bit.  I’m just not used to such long distances anymore.  Also, I’m wearing barefoot shoes.  The hiking boots feel more like winter boots.  I’ve walked 21,000 steps now.  The parking lot here would be five minutes away if it weren’t for two barbed wire fences.  I still have 20 minutes to go.
Why don’t I stay here?  It is a rest area on an expressway.  Here the cars drive 80. I would like to leave the windows slightly open at night.  That’s why I’m going somewhere else now.
I got a bit lost.  The shops here have a bit of “Parisian flair”.  The door frames and ornaments.  Well, I don’t know much about architecture.
I just don’t believe it!  Google Maps sent me back here.  Maybe you can’t drive to the place?  I have to go into town first and get out somewhere else.  I’ve already stopped by McDonald’s.  There’s another graveyard.  Now I just remember the way.
Now Google Maps has found it.  But I turned on Google Maps later.  Now I want to take a shower.  To do this, I need to set up several types of privacy screens.  And then I squat down.
In the other direction I have the solar panel as protection. Ah, wonderful! Oh, a walker.
By the way, it’s 7pm.  I’m pretty done.  I haven’t edited any video today.  But I’m always knocked out in the evenings. So I’ll do the Russian videos tomorrow.  Sunday has been my regular day off for over two months.  That’s good for me.
It was so clear.  This is of course a place where people meet.  The behavior was not aggressive.  Maybe it was just young people.  Now I drive to the next of the three places that I wrote down.  That’s the part of my life I don’t like.  One day, when I earn enough, I can rent a pitch where I can stay overnight.
Ah, it’s nice and cool now.  I think that was a good decision.  A speedster could still drive by here, but at least no one else is parking here.

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