A gentleman gave me a night at the seaside

A gentleman gave me a night for free at the seaside

A gentleman gave me a night at the seaside

Transcription: (video below)

A soft pink sunrise on the river gurgling quietly. Cozy warmth under my six blankets in my winter jacket. Frost flowers on the inside window, on the outside window. My winter in Italy was really beautiful. I find my way to a spot where I can bathe. Some people don’t know how nice it is to bathe in a river like this.  And the water is not cold.  If it were cold, it would be ice, not water. Before class, I drive to a café and get a latte macchiato.  If you are a guest in a café, you can also use the toilet.  In Italy you need a Green Pass to buy anything in a café. The Covid Pass App with the QR code is suitable for this. After breakfast I go hiking and record videos.  I have been a certified foreign language secretary since 1997 and have been teaching German, English and French since 2004.  Since 2019 also Spanish.  Since January 2022 also Italian and Russian for beginners level A1.  I have 14 homepages and 14 YouTube channels. There are six channels about my life in my car in six different languages.  And there are six channels on happiness, relaxation, health and language learning in the same languages. There are bilingual videos on language learning on the channel POLYGLOT PARKITLOVEIT.  On the channel “Wirte am Wasser” there is my online magazine as an audiobook to read along. For this winter I chose Italy to improve my Italian.  In Italy it is of course warmer in winter than in Germany.  Now I have international health insurance, which would also cover benefits in the event of a travel warning.  And the restaurants are now open again, so that you can use the toilets in the cafés with proof of vaccination. I wish I didn’t have to go back to Germany.  I would like to stay here forever.  But there are a few things to do in Germany.  The normal check-ups and other medical treatments.  Of course I want to see my children and my father.  I’m also happy to meet my friends.  And after more than two years of avoiding meetings because of the high risk, I can now see my mother again. And the high fuel prices are giving me a bit of a headache.  Will I manage to spend even less money on food?  Do I actually need to look for a job at a certain place, knowing full well that depression will then strike because I have nowhere to go and am stuck in one place?  It will stay exciting.  Meanwhile, I’m working diligently to find new students, write more eBooks, learn to code to develop my app, improve my editing skills, and research how I could fund my teacher training course for German as a Foreign Language. And then I arrive at the ocean and my world is fine for a weekend.  I have electricity, variety, beautiful scenery and tranquility. And who would have thought? I met a generous man.
Do you speak German? Then you can read my online hiking guide WIRTE AM WASSER. The edition „Piacenza und Ligurien 1“ is available one month in advance if you are a Patreon. I wish you a nice day and have a lot of fun.
January 16, 2022. At a campsite.  To have electricity.  Current!  Yay!  Come with me to the sea!  What could I want more?  A minute’s silence for Ukraine.  Well, sometimes I eat unhealthy food.  See videos 8 weeks earlier: It remains exciting.  Stay tuned!
I’m still completely floored.  I had nothing left in the account.  Because some students have been skipping every other week lately.  Probably for cost reasons.  And of course that made itself felt in my income.  And Patreon has risen for it.  But not in the same ratio.  The students have to pay the equivalent of €19.80 per hour.  So I go to the campsite owner like this.  And put it this way: I have decided to continue driving today.  So that would be €20 for one night right?  And I want to give him the 20 €.  And he says: “No, that’s fine, just keep driving.  That’s okay.” And I’m like, “Okay, thanks.” Maybe he’s noticed that I live so minimalistically, and he can probably afford it.  This really touches me now.  Really nice.  I’m not quite sure where I actually want to go.  This is a very, very narrow street.  Only one car can go in one direction.  Let’s see if we can get out there again.  Now that I’m on my way, I drive to the next village.  I would like to see the sunset at the sea.  So I have to go to a village by the sea.  I’ve already been to the toilet and had a coffee.  So I no longer need a café.  Then I might need a parking space with bushes.  Or where a bush is within walking distance.  I look at the map again.
Way to the beach 
What a strange walk to the beach!  Is it really that way?  Yes! The rails.  And beyond that the sea.  There further.  And there down the stairs.  There’s the beach. Nice.  It’s a pity that there are fishermen here and I can’t bathe here.
 I don’t understand how the locals do it here.  Only one car can drive about 500 meters long.
 There’s a parking lot on the right.  Let’s see.
A gentleman gave me a night at the seaside

The video:

I got a night for free at the ocean

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