How my life in the car started

How it all started

How and why my life in the car started 

In 2018, I gave up my apartment and moved into my car. My then car was a small red Skoda Fabia. It was hardly possible to fit in there. But I had a plan! Watch the video or read the text (or both) to see why and how I started living in my car. I can tell you: It’s a good reason. And what is more: My life in my car makes me happy.

Disclaimer: The following text is the translation of the transcript of the German video I made about this topic. The English video is slightly different. For your comparison, if you’re learning either of the two languages, you may watch both of them. If by chance you also learn French, Spanish or Italian, I will have those videos in some time, too. Links at the bottom.

How my life in my car started

Translation of transcript of the German video:

Good morning.

I’m in Germany in the middle of December because I’m testing my future electric car, the Skoda Enyaq.

Hello guys and welcome.

My name is Mona.

I live in my car.

I bathe in lakes and rivers all year round.

I’ve lived in my car since June 2018.

My then husband Olaf no longer wanted to be married,

my children no longer lived with me at home,

and so I had the chance to start over.

You can see the story of how I moved into my car here.

Hello, good morning!

So how did I get into vanlife?

So, back in 2018, in April, my then husband Olaf said,

he thinks marriage is not for him after all.

and then I moved out and then I thought:

 What do I do now?

Somehow my whole life was turned upside down.

And somehow it gave me the chance to say, I’ll do something completely different.

I’m changing something in my life.  I am free now.

My children have grown up, they no longer live with me.

I can do what I want.  What do I want?

I then considered:

I would like to be on an island with palm trees and a beach.

Where it’s always warm.

Where I can go hiking a lot.

In the mountains and by the sea.

And I would like to just go out to eat and have coffee all day.

And go for a walk and read, learn languages, maybe write a book.

Yes, amazing, 2018, April.

I was already thinking about starting my own business in Tenerife.

I am foreign language secretaria.

In Tenerife I worked in the office of a company whose customers were German.

So I dreamed to myself, island, hiking, mountains, palm trees, beach, writing a book, learning to speak, all right.

And I was thinking so, just for fun I can enter into Google: Tenerife job.

And I went to a page and thought like this:

  You can apply there.

Great, you don’t need a lot of previous knowledge.

It is an advantage if you have worked in the office,

and applied there just for fun.

I thought it wouldn’t work anyway.

This must be nonsense or something.

Over the next few weeks there were suddenly several phone calls with the company.

And they said, when do I want to start?

And me: how, when do I want to start?

What about Germany?  What about my apartment?

Where can I live in Tenerife?

Yes, we can get you a room there, it costs half the salary, but …

and I go like this:

  Yes, come on, it’s a shame, then I’ll have a room on an island,

 and then I have € 500 left to live on.

That isn’t that much.

Then I thought about it.

And then I started researching, with the search terms: minimalism, alternative life, alternative lifestyle

 At some point I came across life in the car and living in the roof tent and vanlife

Wow, I didn’t know that before!  So amazing!

Good, and then I tried to get in touch with these people.

And looked at their homepages and blogs.

All information collected together for me

And finally decided:

 Okay, I’ll take a look at a roof tent now.

And see if it’s somehow comfortable enough

 to become my new bedroom.

Because it’s always warm in Tenerife.

 What’s the problem there?

Tenerife is part of Europe.

 So a safe country.

It’s always warm.

 You can park in a parking lot on the beach or in the mountains or in the forest and spend the night there.

So why shouldn’t that work?

And then I looked at a roof tent.

Looked at it and immediately fell in love with the roof tent.

Bought it immediately,

 from the spot,

 As an exhibit.

Yes and

 then it was about:

 Okay, shit, where do I get the 3000 € from.

And then I thought:

 I’m going to make a firm contract with the company here.

And say I’ll start in three months.

Then I quit my apartment and look for a new tenant.

And when I have a new tenant, I move into my car.

Until I have the € 3000 together.

So when I get the deposit paid out.

And then I’ll get the roof tent.

Well, then I got the employment contract.

Then I quit the apartment.

Then I found a new tenant.

For June 1st.

Start of work: September 1st.

In June I got the deposit paid out.

Then there were only € 500 missing.

I had them together in July.

Because then I wouldn’t have to pay any more rent.

Because I lived in my car.

I have a couple of photos and a blog article and stuff.

It was very, very, very uncomfortable in the car.

 It was a little Škoda Fabia.

I mean:

 Fold down both right seats

 Board on it

 Sleeping bag


 Wasn’t very cozy.


 It was only temporary.

And then, in August, I got my roof tent.

And then I booked the ferry.

And left at the end of August.

 Direction Huelva and from there by ferry to Tenerife.

After a while, something changed again professionally.

But I have to go into that in another video.

But that’s how it all started.

If you still have any questions,

 Ask me,

 Here: comments.

Okay, see you later!

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 Thanks very much.

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My German blog post and video about how it all started

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