Why I need to walk

Daily walking – why?

There are three main reasons I have to walk every day.

First main reason for daily walking

The first reason is because I bathe in a river or lake in the morning, and of course I have to walk from the parking lot where my car is, in which I sleep, to the river or lake. For a few days now I’ve been jogging in the morning and only then go swimming. That makes the most sense to me in that order. Especially because jogging makes my body even warmer and bathing is even more pleasant. And because jogging really wakes me up. On my first walk to the river or lake where I bathe, I think in six languages my thanks-prayer, which puts me in the right mood for the day.

Second main reason for walking every day

The second main reason is of course that I turned my hobby into a job. My hobby is hiking. Among other things, my job is editor of an online magazine called โ€œWanderfรผhrer Wirte am Wasserโ€ (Hiking guide hosts by the water). I would like to start publishing the hiking guide in English in a few months. At the moment it is only available in German. In my hiking guide I collect every month in a new area along a river, lake or by the sea the hiking parking lots, hiking trails, hosts by the water (a host by the water is a restaurant or cafรฉ with at least one seat or standing spot with a view of the water), toilets, WiFi, swimming pools and laundromats. To do this, I hike the paths by the water, take photos there and collect all the information.

Third main reason for my walking routine

The third main reason I go for a walk every day is the sunset. I love sunsets. And even if you don’t see it so well, I’m still outside at that time. I love to say thank you for the day, to look back on the day in peace, to think about what I did today, to be happy about what I did and to enjoy every moment outside. Of course, if you can see the sunset, there are also a lot of photos for my hiking guide.

There are many other reasons I like to go, such as health, emotional balance, stress reduction, and more. Why do you go for a walk every day?

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