How to be happy

First step how to be happy

Do you want to know why you are reading this article? You’re not happy yet, you want to be, but you’re wondering how. Happiness is not something we learn in school. In my psychology studies I learned the following:

Our brain can only perceive a small amount of reality at a time. What exactly is processed of the reality in the brain, is determined by what attitude we have. Very often we learned negative attitudes in childhood. Many adults told us that we do everything wrong, that we arenโ€™t able to do anything, that we are too slow, too stupid, not diligent enough, not neat enough, not enough. What happened next was that throughout our childhood and adolescence, through the filter of the negative attitude towards ourselves, we perceived our reality and absorbed millions of pieces of information intended to prove this attitude.

How to reverse brain wash

How can we change this negative attitude now? And how long will it take? It’s easy. Our brain can be tricked. It believes what it keeps hearing day after day. So if we keep telling our brain that we are great, that we are intelligent, that we are successful, that we have a beautiful life, that we are gifted, that we are creative, that we are productive, then at the latest after three weeks our brains will be convinced that this is the right thing to do. Because in these three weeks the brain will search for evidence of our new attitude. As it can only perceive a part of reality, this time it will perceive the information that is evidence of our new attitude, that we are great, intelligent, creative, productive and successful.

Why does the change take three weeks?

Every change in our life lasts three weeks. Why is that? Our brain wants to work with as little energy as possible. Automatic action is the most energy-efficient. Action is automated by doing an activity every day for three weeks, without a break. So if you don’t repeat the positive sentences for one or more days within these three weeks, it will take longer to convince your brain that they are correct.

Which sentences should I tell myself and when?

Write a list of sentences you want to say to yourself. These are things that you want to achieve, that you want to have, that you want to be. Always use the best qualities. Because you are you because you were the fastest of 300 million sperm. So don’t settle for second place telling yourself who you want to be. Say sentences like: I am intelligent. I am creative. I am productive. I am successful. Do not use the conditional, subjunctive or future tense in your sentence. Don’t use a negative. So no sentence like: I will no longer be lazy, but rather like this: I am hardworking. No sentence like: I should be braver, but rather this: I am brave. Your brain doesnโ€™t know that youโ€™re not deeply convinced at the moment. It will only listen to your words and look for evidence in the reality. Within three weeks, you will notice that you feel happy. The more positive sentences you tell yourself, the better. You must also add: I am healthy. I eat healthy. I move a lot. And think about all the actions that you want to do to feel better. Good luck and comment if you have any questions. Like if you found something of worth in this article. Subscribe for more content.

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