Why I love hiking

Hiking – something Iโ€™ve always loved

I think each of you had a few favorite hobby as a child, but as an adult, interests often change. Sometimes you can only be inspired by others, but after a while you find out that you think differently and that other things are better. Some hobbies are great at first, but over time they get too expensive or too laborious and you give them up again.

Hiking as a child

The funny thing about hiking is: all of these things apply to me here. As a child I went hiking, both with my mother and with my father, whom I visited every fourth weekend. I would prefer to hike with my father, because during this time he only talked to me, whereas my mother also had my younger sisters and my stepfather as conversation partners.

Hiking as a teenager

As a teenager, I often wandered around the area because I wanted some peace and calm, or an adventure, or wanted to visit my father after he had finished work, and he lived about 2 hours on foot away.

Hiking as a young adult

And as a young adult I really enjoyed driving somewhere and then strolling around there, in the city, in an old town, by a river, by the sea, by the lake, in a forest, but I still had to work, so my tours where short.

Hiking as a young mother

When my children were born, we also walked around a bit every day, of course we often went to the playground, but sometimes also by the lake, in the forest and so on.

Hiking when my children left the house

When my children were older and no longer lived with me, I would take them for a walk on every visiting day. To events, to sights, to a beach and much more.

Hiking with my second husband

When I met my second husband, our shared hobby was hiking, and so we always had a wonderful time together, no matter what other challenges our everyday life had to offer.

Hiking now, as a single full time traveller

And when my husband left me, I wondered what to do with my life and I had a collage of experiences inside my mind, all of which had to do with hiking: walks on the beach, hikes in the mountains, along rivers, lakes and seas.

My hiking guide

And in September 2019 I suddenly had the idea with my hiking guide. My hiking guide HOSTS BY THE WATER is for people who want to go on vacation in a certain area with their vehicle, i.e. a car with a roof tent or a van, and who want to use hiking parking spaces for the overnight stays, which I collect in this online magazine. I also collect the hiking trails and the hosts by the water, which are restaurants or cafรฉs with at least one seat or standing spot with a view of the water. There you will also find the infrastructure of the area that is relevant for this type of vacation: toilets, WiFi, hot baths (= swimming pools) and laundromats. I will start publishing my hiking guide in English on December 1st, 2021. It will appear on the website:


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